ASRock Beebox mini PC has an Intel Cherry Trail SoC

There are many reasons that a person might settle for a PC that takes up less space even though the performance of that PC isn't what you would consider powerful. Sometimes a machine that takes up little space is the most important thing. One of the smallest PCs that you can currently get your hands on is the new AS Rock Beebox. The machine uses an Intel Cherry Trial processor under the hood of its tiny 0.6L chassis.

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ASRock M8 gaming PC appears with BMW design cred

The last time we saw BMW get into the gaming PC market was way back in 2009 with the Thermaltake Level 10 case. It was certainly a beauty, and something that we've quite never seen before. However, BMW is back again with something new, and it's a complete gaming PC for ASRock. It's called the M8, and it's different from the Level 10 in the sense that it actually looks like a traditional gaming PC this time around, but it comes with some unique features.

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ASRock Vision 3D HTPC Gets the Hands-On Treatment in Taipei [Video]

There's no doubt that getting hardware shown off, in any capacity, is something we look forward to. Especially if it's an early sneak peek of something we're still a ways out of getting any official look at. For example, the ASRock Vision 3D HTPC, which is sitting over in Taipei right now just waiting to get unveiled at this year's Computex. And, oddly enough, it's actually pretty good.

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ASRock shows off P55 Deluxe3, 890GX Extreme3, 870 Extreme3, and 770 Extreme3 mainboards

ASRock has unveiled a quartet of new mainboards with two of the new boards available now and two of them coming later. One of the boards available now is the P55 Deluxe3 supporting Intel processors and using the P55 chipset. The board also supports ATI CrossfireX and Quad CrossfireX as well as SLI and quad SLI. It offers USB 3.0, 2.0 as well as SATA 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s ports.

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ASRock ION 330-BD Nettop Review

Where netbooks go, their deskbound nettop brethren eventually follow, and as NVIDIA's Ion GPU has made its impact on the graphics capabilities of budget ultraportables, so it has its sights set on compact desktops too. ASRock and NVIDIA worked together on the ION 330-BD, a Blu-ray toting nettop that pairs Intel's Atom processor with NVIDIA's ION platform, and sent one over to prove to SlashGear that just because the footprint is small, it doesn't mean the performance is too.

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ASRock Multibook G22: Atom 330, Ion and DVD burner

ASRock have announced a new ultraportable, the Multibook G22, and while from the outside this might look like a standard netbook its specs make it something more unusual.  Not only does the 12.1-inch 1366 x 768 G22 have an integrated DVD Supermulti drive, but it uses Intel's dual-core Atom 330 processor paired with NVIDIA's Ion graphics chipset.

NVIDIA Ion GPU slots into 21 new netbooks & nettops

NVIDIA's Tegra may be stealing MID-lover's hearts at Computex 2009, but that doesn't mean the company is forgetting about their Ion GPU.  Taking to the stage with news of a full 21 Ion-based devices - including the ASUS Eee Top ET2002 all-in-one, ASRock ION 330 and MSI Wind Top AE2201 - NVIDIA revealed a mixture of mainboards, all-in-one desktops, netbooks, nettops and notebooks based on the 1080p-capable chipset.


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Boot your Vista in 4 seconds!

The Taiwanese motherboard maker Asustek has came out a new gimmick called Instant Boot that claimed to cut Windows booting process down to 4 seconds! The new technology uses the S3 and S4 states of the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) that enabling Windows Sleep and Hibernation modes to put user system into sleep mode when shutting down then bypassing the bios process while booting up.