Stuart Hughes offers $20k iPhone 4 with diamond bling and little taste

Jul 6, 2010

I like the iPhone 4 as much as the next geek, but when you start putting diamonds on a phone you will probably loose or break at some point, it's a bit much for me. Stuart Hughes has a long history of blinging out gadgets. Not too long ago the iPad got the Hughes treatment with gold and diamonds.

The new Hughes iPhone 4 is a bargain next to that $190,000 iPad. The iPhone 4 goes for $20,000 and has 6.5 carats of VVS quality, F-color diamonds on the metal band between the screens. Only 50 of these crazy expensive smartphones will be made.

The Apple logo on the rear of the phone is made from platinum and diamonds. If I were rich and lacking in taste enough to buy this thing, I would worry about it constantly.

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