Steve’s Keynote Coverage at WWDC

Vincent Nguyen - Aug 7, 2006
Steve’s Keynote Coverage at WWDC

The stage is set and Steve's about ready to step on stage. Keynote is set to commence in a few short minutes. Updates will take place every 30-sec or so.

Photo Credit: OneDigitalLife

  • No ONE MORE THING that's all she wrote folks. Thanks to the source on the floor for the live coverage.
  • WTF is that it?
  • 11:25am thank you for coming...over 1000 engineers on site, new mac pros for hands-on sessions
  • Leopard shipping in the Spring
  • Yawnnnnn....when are we getting to the GOOD stuff?! 11:20am
  • Showing the "virus" Mac vs. PC commercial
  • major changes to ichat
  • multiple logins, animated icons, video recording, visibility, and tabbed chats
  • ichat theatre showing slids to friends and family - iphoto slideshow you can talk over
  • ichat video conference
  • more demos...lets get to it so we can get to the juicy stuff!
  • great for distant collaboration...
  • remote work

  • dashboard
  • over 2500 widgets
  • dashcode - for developers to aid in design, develop and debug dashboard widget templates. It's also a good visual editor for css
  • ships with parts library - search fields, etc.
  • javascript debugger
  • windows active desktop? Webclip - take any part of a website and turn it into a widget. Weather, comic strip or whatever.
  • created 5 live widgets - demo on stage
  • Time check: 11:05am
  • major enhancememts to mail
  • to-do's added - any emails can be turned into to-do's by checkbox on the emails
  • one system wide to do tracker
  • notes - new special mailbox to keep all separated
  • stationary - lots of templates
  • featured rich and ease of sending rich emails; simple drag and drop
  • "voiceover" - text to speech
  • something about core animation for increase production value and time machine built on this
  • Time check: 10:52am
  • Spotlight is built in to leopard and can search other machines if granted permission
  • "Spaces" is a new feature with Virtual desktops. Create different spaces for different apps to work together. Four different desktops for all your apps and jump between them. Can drag info from one desktop to the other kinda like Expose when you zoom out
  • New iPhoto coming soon. It's a "complete package". Boot camp ships with Leopard, full version. Next generation of photobooth coming!
  • deliver complete package; some really cool beta software - Lots of extra software in Leopard.
  • Poking fun of Windws..."What have they done over the last 5 years?"
  • Bertrand Serlet on stage showing slides of UI...makes more jokes.
  • Showing shots of Vista and how it's a spitting image of Tiger, IE7 looks like Safari etc...
  • he's comparing Windows Mail vs and iCal vs. Windows Calendar.
  • Leopard can't really discuss certain features but he can talk about 10 major new features
  • Has support for 64 bit (Carbon and Cocoa)apps and runs 32bit side by side with 64 bit. 64 bit at Unix layer...No emulation or translation, full 64bit, top to bottom.
  • New application feature called "Time Machine" allowing backu so you don't lose your photos. It automatically backs everything up...when files change it backs up and restores everything down to the single file. This will take tons of storage so able to backup to server or HDD.
  • Demoing Time Machine...sweet. Traveling back in time is easy...any day of your no fear of losing data! File previews without going through full restore
  • Leapord...19 M OS X users! 6th major release; 86M line of code; 0 defects. Over 3000 Universl Binaries.
  • System is built to order with up to 1 million configurations. MacOSX Server unlimited license.
  • Dual Xeon processors. Smaller chip, 1U footprint.
  • Brand new Xserve with Quad Xeon. 2.0 / 2.66 / 3.0 GHz. 5x faster. Built in redundant power and 2.25TB internal. SATA and SAS storage.
  • Intel updates all complete. Ships today.
  • Standard configuration - $3k. Quad 2.0, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD. Ships in October.
  • Goes up to 3GHz, increased up to 16GB of memory from 256MB default, graphics card Radeon X1900 and FX4500 - Bluetooth and Airport.
  • 210 days for the entire Intel transition.
  • First configuration - 2x2.66 GHz, 1GB ram, GeForce 7300GT 256MB 16x SuperDrive - $2499.
  • Up to 2TB of internal storage. Big space in the case for Video Cards.
  • Four HD bays, two optical bays. Four PCI Express slots.
  • Quad priced at $3200
  • 3x more powerful than Xeon. Each Mac Pro has two of these processors. 1.6 to 2.1 faster than the G5 Quad.
  • The Macbook Pro to feature Core 2 Duo, Woodcrest processors; available up to 3GHz. With 4MB shared L2 Cache, 128 bit vector engine, 64 bit processing power.
  • RIP be replaced by the Mac Pro!
  • Best Q ever, 18% growth rate. 75% of Macs shipped are intel
  • 1.3 M Macs shipped and 3/4 were Intel-based and 50% of the purchases were new to Mac system
  • Steve's on commenting on the 4,200 or so registered participants which is WWDC's best ever.
  • 10:00 AM - Keynote starting now!!!
  • Apple Store is offline now! Sweet something may hit the online store today.
  • VMware Beta for Mac OS X may be one of the annoucements

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