SteelSeries Mobile Device adapter for iPhone and iPod debuts

Dec 2, 2009

SteelSeries has been around for a long time now producing all sorts of gear aimed at PC gamers. The company has a line of mouse pads and gaming mice as well as several different headsets that are for gamers. The company today has announced a new product that is aimed at the iPhone and iPod touch owner that lets you use headphones for PCs on the mobile devices.

The adapter is called the SteelSeries Adapter for mobile devices. The adapter plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack of the iPhone, iPod, or any other 3.5mm device. Once plugged in the adapter's mic and headphone ports let users attach headsets designed for PC use directly to their iPhone.

The adapter works with any 3.5mm set of headphones with a separate mic and is fully compatible with SteelSeries headsets like the Siberia v2 that we talked about back in September. The adapter is available now on Newegg and Amazon for $14.99.

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