SteamOS launches Friday for DIY gamers

Dec 12, 2013

Gamers that have been waiting to get their hands on the new gaming OS from Valve called SteamOS will be able to get their hands on the software this week. Valve has announced the first version of SteamOS will land Friday. Along with the announcement of the SteamOS launching, Valve has also announced some details on its prototype Steam Machines and Steam controller.

Valve says that it will be selecting 300 random US beta testers to get their hands on the hardware Friday. Those 300 lucky beta testers were supposed to be notified yesterday, so if you didn’t hear from Valve you weren't chosen.

The first version of SteamOS will be downloadable by individual users and OEMs that want to play with the software. More details on the release of the software will be coming soon. Valve has issued a warning along with the announcement.

Valve says that anyone that isn't an "intrepid Linux hacker" might want to wait until later in 2014 to try out the operating system. Valve notes that the version of the OS released Friday will require manual compiling and building to install on a computer. It will also be a while before users can purchase the Steam controller. Details on the final version of SteamOS will be offered on January 6 at CES.

SOURCE: ArsTechnica

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