Sony PSP Go Dropping to $200 October 15th, According to Leaked Image

Oct 13, 2010

It was early September when Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment President, blamed the pricing of the PSP Go for the abysmal sales of the device. While there were plenty of other factors in his reasoning, like the limited number of games available for download, it looks like pricing may indeed be the real reason why the PSP Go didn't take off. But, a new leak from an unnamed tipster suggests that Sony is getting ready to drop the price of the mobile gaming platform, and it could happen as soon as Friday.

With no formal announcement to speak of, the leaked image is all we have to go on. According to the tipster, who works at an AAFES-based store that sells video games, the PSP Go is set for a $50 price drop, beginning October 15th. Given the current price points of existing Nintendo DS-based handheld consoles, and even the price of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, is giving the PSP Go a $200 price tag going to be enough to stimulate sales? What do you think?

[via Joystiq]

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