Sony PlayStation Move no memory hog but has controller limitations

Mar 12, 2010
Sony PlayStation Move no memory hog but has controller limitations

So, we already know the Sony PlayStation Move controller is coming Fall 2010 and should be priced - in "starter kit" form - at under $100, but we're still seeing more tidbits about the motion-control system drip out GDC this week.  There's good news and bad, unfortunately, including a limitation on multiplayer support in part thanks to the PS3's own Bluetooth connectivity capabilities.  Turns out, while up to four-player gaming is possible, that's not if everyone wants to use both the Move controller and a sub-controller.

Sony have confirmed to Gizmodo that the PS3 will either support four Move controllers on their own, or a pair of them with sub-controllers.  That means that motion-only games will be suitable for up to four players, but anything requiring extra degrees of control that a sub-controller would bring will only be usable by two gamers at a time.

Four PlayStation Move controllers can connect to a PS3 at one time (or two PlayStation Move Controllers and 2 PlayStation Move sub-controllers).

It's unclear to what extent this is a system limitation and what Sony themselves have coded in; apparently the PS3's Bluetooth connectivity can only deal with up to seven connections at a time.  Still, Sony have done good work slimming down the Move system elsewhere; according to Joystiq it'll only demand 1-2MB of system memory.

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