SlashDeal: ATT had Refurbished 8GB iPhone on sale

Mar 18, 2008

If you follow the link at the bottom of this page you can pick up an 8GB iPhone that’s been refurbished for $249. For those not too great at math, that’s a savings of $150.

Now, I know that if you’ve waited this long to buy an iPhone, you’re either waiting on more storage capacity or you are waiting on the 3G iPhone. Regardless, at a price this cheap, it might be worth considering buying it anyways just to hold you over until the iPhone you want comes out, which could be a while.

Personally I’ve been holding out for the 3G iPhone, but with a price this low, even I’m considering buying one until the 3G version comes out. If nothing else, it’d be a great time to buy one and get in on the iPhone development program, or the JailBreak Development Program which is slightly less restrictive I hear.

[via ATT]

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