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Clari-Fi Review – for the betterment of your audio experience

So, I’ve had the Clari-Fi for almost two weeks, I know it’s only been a couple of days since I posted about it, but I wanted to get a feel for whether it was working or not before I said anything. Bottom line, it is working. It is also worth the extra dough.

Corruption Abroad: Prominent prosecutor in case against The Pirate Bay hired by Warner Brothers

So there is still an open case against the TPB, with several companies listed as plaintiffs, but one of the major ones being Warner Brothers. The lead investigator of the case throughout this trial has been Jim Keyzer, well it turn out he recently became employed by the Warner Brothers.

BenQ MID – more info coming out of the woodwork

The more specs we get the more I think this might be an Asus Eee shrunken down to fit in an MID package. It has an 800 MHz Silverthorne processor, Poulsbo chipset, half a gig of RAM, and a 4GB SSD.

Navigon 2100 Max – thin, light, and easy to use and I’ve got it for review

Navigon is quickly rising to the top in the Personal Navigation Device market, even superseding TomTom and Garmin in many areas. Their latest PND is the 2100 Max, which is coincidentally one of the few upgradeable GPS units on the market. It also has a 4.3-inch Widescreen, Text-To-Speech functionality, lane guide assistance and speed warnings along with a fairly comprehensive list of Points of Interest; I mean there were more than a couple points listed in the little town I live in.

Clari-Fi Music in for review – it’s really small

So I wrote this article the other day regarding the Clari-Fi and suggested that it might be a waste of money. Well, the company contacted me and promptly shipped me a unit for review; I am pleased to say that it is not a total waste of money as previously suggested.

Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone in for review at iPhone Buzz

The Mophie Juice Pack on its own weighs in at 3 ounces and measures at 2.4x4.75x.75 inches and latches on to your iPhone. Once connected you get 250 more hours of standby, 24 more hours of audio playback, 8 hours of additional talk time, and 7 hours of Video playback time, according to Mophie.

Sony XEL-1 broken down – shot from the dissection at the Embedded Systems Conference

For some reason the announcement of a newer, thinner OLED TV by Sony and the attention of an event gave someone cause to disassemble an 11-inch OLED TV that costs $2500. It’s 3mm thick, so reassembly was probably harder than disassembly.

Cizmo CX15 notebook computer – has GeForce 8800M GTX inside

Other than the fairly amazing graphics technology that is packed inside of this notebook, courtesy of NVIDIA, it also has a Core 2 Duo Processor. Add to that the 4GB of RAM and the SATA hard drive running with a 15.4” screen and you’ve got a pretty amazing machine.

Energy Saver Bar – a power strip with a giant off switch

The Energy Saver Bar is a lot like that gadget that Belkin came up with, but far less cool. Essentially you plug in all of your home theater equipment, preferably the kind that won’t suffer drastically from having its power completely cut, and then when you are done, you turn ever thing off, and then hit the button on this power strip and watch the energy savings go up.

Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 – the waterproof Xacti you’ve been longing for

This new Xacti is waterproof, to an extent. The thing is, its not some weak extent like you can splash it and probably still be safe, no, you can take this thing up to 1.5 meters deep and hold and use it there for up to an hour.

Audioengine AW1 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter – no more messing with speaker wires

Well, actually you still have to mess with speaker wires between the speakers and their power source, but the audio input source can now be connected wirelessly. This wireless audio adapter was made for use with Audioengine’s A5 speaker system, which after reading this guy’s review of those, I’d love to get my hands on a pair, anyways, you can use this with any speakers or sound system, so it’s not exclusive to Audioengine’s equipment.

Are product ship dates affecting sales numbers in the tech industry?

Back in the day buying something and it being outdated the day you got it wasn’t out of the norm. However it also wasn’t that big of a deal since by the time the next big product was announced you already had your new stuff and you were happy with it, because you had it now unlike all your friends who had to wait on the next greatest thing to actually arrive. These days the game is a lot different though.

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