Seidio extended Palm Pre battery promises roughly double the juice

Jun 11, 2009

Reviews of the Palm Pre have been generally positive, teething problems notwithstanding, but a common source of complain among reviewers and owners alike is the smartphone's battery.  Accessory manufacturer Seidio are never one to let an opportunity like that slim them by, and so they've announced that an extended battery for the Palm Pre, offering nearly twice the capacity of the standard pack, is in development.


Right now there are no exact figures being talking about.  We're assuming the image above is of a generic Seidio battery, because you can make out "1,350mAh" written on it and that certainly falls short of double the Pre's standard 1,150mAh pack.  Nor are the company discussing runtime estimates, though we'd hope for roughly a double lifetime which should guarantee the Pre all-day stamina.

A new, rubberized battery door which makes the Pre thicker "only by millimeters" will also be included, so if you already think the Palm smartphone is too plump then maybe this isn't for you.  No word on pricing or availability, but we doubt this will be the only aftermarket battery alternative to choose from. 

[via Gear Diary]

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