Sanwa peripherals have touch pads built in

Jan 31, 2008
Sanwa peripherals have touch pads built in

Reminiscent of your notebook, these keyboards, presumable designed for desktop use, are wireless keyboards with touch-pads built in. I don’t know how many of you are a fan of your laptop’s touch-pad navigation methods, but I am assuming the percentage is low.

However, if you have a home theater PC or if you are giving a presentation from a desktop computer, this is probably a more preferable solution than having the carry around a mouse and a keyboard. Also, you can use this keyboard/mouse combo without having to have a flat surface as you can hold it in one arm and use the other hand to operate it if necessary.

Also, if you are using an HTPC, this would look a lot better on your lap than a keyboard carefully (or not) balanced on one leg and the mouse balanced on the other. You can also get the same keyboard in a wired version for whatever reason you’d want to do that, but no price or availability on either keyboard, however there are some sort of oriental characters on the keyboard, so I wouldn’t expect it to be available stateside just yet.

[via ubergizmo]

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