Samsung NC10 second PCI-e slot hack

Jan 25, 2010

The difference between brave and foolhardy is how successful you end up, and by that measure Samsung NC10 owner Graeme is pretty darn brave.  Wanting to add a Broadcom HD decoder card - for buttery smooth 1080p HD playback - to his netbook, but not willing to abandon the wireless card occupying its sole PCI-e slot, Graeme took a soldering iron to the NC10 and added a second slot.

It was helped by the fact that the NC10's mainboard already had the holes and wiring for a second PCI-e port, which Samsung themselves didn't take advantage of.  Potential obstacles included the NC10 BIOS reportedly not taking kindly to a second PCI-e device, not to mention having to solder each of those tiny pins in place, but in the end everything worked as Graeme hoped.  The end result?  Next-gen netbook performance from his existing machine.


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