Samsung Cetus Outed by Bluetooth SIG, 4-Inch Windows Phone 7 Handset

Jul 30, 2010

Samsung's first Windows Phone 7 device just broke cover, thanks to the Bluetooth SIG. And, just as we had imagined it would be, it's a device that can definitely work well to steal some of our attention, even for just a bit. Also not surprising, is the fact that it's going to be on par with their already released, well-received Galaxy S devices. So if you would, please welcome the Samsung Cetus into existence.

We've actually heard of the Cetus before, but back then it had a different model number than this time around. It was leaked in a UK cellphone roadmap, and sure enough the device is certainly real. Features wise, if you're looking to buy a Windows Phone 7 device, this may be the one to start leaning towards. It will feature a 4-inch WVGA AMOLED display (which Samsung Hub believes it will be Super AMOLED, and we have no reason to disagree with that belief), WiFi, GPS, and an integrated FM radio.

Oh, and there's a front-facing VGA camera, too. On the back, a 5MP version. It has a microUSB port, and it will rock Bluetooth version 2.1. Unfortunately there's nothing on the internals at this point, but that should start trickling out soon enough. Now we just need a release date.

[via Samsung Hub]

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