Roke unveils Wide Area Coverage Femtocell with 40,000 times more coverage

Jul 8, 2010

Your average femtocell isn’t good for coverage on spaces larger than a big home or smaller office. The AT&T 3G microcell is a good example, it is good for 5,000 square feet of coverage. A company called Roke from England has unveiled a new femtocell called the Wide Area Coverage Femtocell that crushes that 5,000 square foot service area.

Roke claims that its femtocell is good for 40,000 times more coverage than your average femtocell. The femtocell also promises to offer coverage at speeds up to 120kph allowing the user to travel while staying connected.

The femtocell is a LTE device and supports up to 12 users at the same time. With a huge coverage area of 40km, I would have though more users could be on at the same time. The company says that the femtocell is low cost but doesn't offer specific pricing information.

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