RED Scarlet & Epic cameras get spec tweak; new bundle announced

Dec 3, 2008

RED's new Scarlet and Epic modular cameras might not even be on the market yet, but the company has already tweaked pricing, changed specifications and made what could be an even more tempting trade-in offer to owners of their original RED ONE.  According to company president Jim Jannard, RED were "were a bit frustrated" with digital signal processing and REDCODE data rates inside the Scarlet and Epic "brains", so they've brought the development process even more in-house and changed the specs.

Owners of the existing RED ONE camera now have seven options under the company's "obsolescence obsolete" scheme, including upgrading to the Mysterium-X sensor for $4,500, up to $17,500 trade-in value toward an Epic "brain", or a new, exclusive bundle.  This, the EPIC-X S35 Private Reserve package, will only be available to RED ONE owners, and include free modules together with being the first Epic's shipped (at the end of Summer 2009).

Jim insists on putting all his press releases out as humongously long images, so check out here for full details.  New Scarlet and Epic "brain" specs are in the gallery below.

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