Quirky Digits turn any gloves into iPhone working wonders

Dec 28, 2010

Anyone that lives in a cold climate knows that working your touchscreen smartphone can be a big problem outdoors if you are wearing gloves. You can get drastic to use your iPhone with an app like NoseDial or you can just get these simple and cheap devices from Quirky called Digits.

Digits are a set of four little pins with brass backs and conductive silicone fronts that you pin to your glove fingers. The little devices allow you to work your iPhone touchscreen without having to take your gloves off. The things will work with any touchscreen device.

They should fit on any gloves as well. I would think that poking a hole in your gloves might affect the waterproof gloves out there though. You can order the Digits from Quirky and they are shipping right now for $13.99 for a four-pack.

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