Plastic Logic color e-paper headed for 2012 volume production

May 12, 2010

Plastic Logic's first product, the business-centric QUE ereader, isn't even in customers' hands yet, but the company are already talking about their follow-up.  They reckon they'll have a manufacturable color e-ink display ready by the end of 2011, and headed into mass production in 2012.  The panel will be based on technology the company already have "working at our Cambridge laboratory" according to Achim Neu at Plastic Logic.

The announcement was made at the International Electronics Forum 2010 in Dresden last week, the same city in which Plastic Logic has set up their first $100m factory.  Production of the QUE is apparently underway, with the first pre-ordered units headed to buyers this summer.

We grabbed some hands-on time with the QUE back at CES in January and while - at $750 - it's undoubtedly expensive, it's also surprisingly usable.  More details in our hands-on report and in the video demo below.

Plastic Logic QUE:

[via The Digital Reader]

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