Philips Luminaire Chandelier OLED concept video demo

Apr 24, 2009
Philips Luminaire Chandelier OLED concept video demo

Philips are continuing their assault on traditional bulbs with the launch of two concept OLED lights, the first a compact table lamp and the second a more impressive chandelier.  Both systems use the company's Lumiblade OLED panels, which offer cool-to-the-touch, pure white illumination.

The Philips Luminaire Chandelier consists of five OLED 'blades' balanced out from a thin central pole.  Light from the Lumiblades increases as movement around the chandelier is recognized. 

Video demo of the OLED lighting after the cut

Meanwhile a touch-sensitive button on the base of the light fixture controls power, while a proximity sensor is used to control dimming.  There's no word on whether Philips will commercially release the Luminaire Chandelier concept.

[via OLED-Info]

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