PETer Bottle Compactor Looks Cute for Kids, Encourages Them to Recycle

Oct 25, 2010

If you've already got your eyes set on a new way to stop your kids from drawing on the wall, then perhaps your next future purchase should be a way to get them into the recycling game. A pair of designers have created a new, and hopefully fun way for kids to start crushing their bottles and cans, and get them ready for the recycling process. The little, brightly colored PETer hangs on your wall, and it's as easy as closing his mouth to crush a can.

The design was specifically created for kids, but we're sure there's a few adults out there who would love to get their hands on it. The designers, Samantha Arredondo and Guillermo Juárez, made the concept design an easy one: you simply hang PETer on the wall, and then your child puts their bottle or can into PETer's mouth. You just close PETer's mouth, and the bottle or can will be crushed, and ready for the recycle bin. It's meant to help encourage kids to recycle.

The PETer bottle compactor will come in a few color options, if it ever finds a way to the retail market, which should go a long way to get kids interested in it. Of course, you'll need a good way to make sure that PETer doesn't fall off the wall every single time someone crushes a can or bottle, or the whole idea won't work.

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