Orange MiFi 3352 gets official, plus 3G-enabled Samsung N150 netbook

Nov 3, 2010

The Novatel Wireless MiFi 3352 we spotted undergoing GCF testing last week has been made official, with the 3G mobile hotspot launching on Orange UK.  Full specifications for the MiFi 3352 are unknown - the carrier tells us battery life is "generally about 5 hours" - but according to the press release it has the same on-board app support as the MiFi 2352, together with some "customisable widgets."

Meanwhile there's also a 3G-enabled Samsung N150 netbook, with 11hrs of battery life, 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard-drive, and a variety of new mobile broadband plans.  Both monthly and yearly contracts are offered, plus there's an optional 1GB of extra "quiet time" data allowance (from midnight until 4pm).

Finally there are three new SIM-only tariffs.  Full details on the new plans in the gallery below, though bear in mind they include a £5 discount for existing Orange subscribers (mobile or broadband) .

Press Release:

Orange introduces mobile WiFi in mobile broadband and mobile SIM Only refresh

  • New Orange Mobile WiFi introduced with the launch of the Novatel Wireless 3352
  • Samsung N150 connected netbook unveiled, featuring 11 hours of battery life, 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive
  • Existing Orange pay monthly, pay as you go and home broadband customers rewarded with a £5 discount on all new mobile broadband price plans
  • Orange also expands its SIM Only mobile portfolio with three new tariffs

Orange today announced a refresh of its UK mobile broadband offering, as well as three new SIM Only tariffs for mobile customers - which for the first time include 12 month contracts. The new packages are designed to provide Orange customers with even greater choice and flexibility than ever before.

Mobile Broadband
Rewarding users with best value, all Orange customers, whether on pay monthly, pay as you go or on Orange home broadband – receive a £5 discount on mobile broadband plans, giving them the flexibility to surf, email and post updates wherever they are.
Responding to customer demand, Orange has reintroduced its 12 month price plans on new Dolphin and Racoon packages. Both one and 12 month Dolphin plans now come with a 1GB monthly allowance, and select packages offer an additional 1GB “quiet time” data allowance (from midnight until 4pm) as well as the option of unlimited data through BT OpenZone public WiFi.

Meanwhile occasional mobile broadband users can choose between Orange’s Racoon packages offer 500MB on one and 12 month plans, or a pay as you consume option with no line rental for existing Orange customers, who simply pay 5p for each megabyte of data.

Orange Racoon

Contract length
Monthly data allowance
Monthly cost
Dongles - One off charge
Dongles - One off charge
Mobile Wi-Fi - One off charge
Huawei E1752
Option 515m

1 month 500MB anytime £5* £29 £39 £89
1 month £0.05/MB anytime (capped at £40 = 800MB) £0* £29 £39 £89
12 months 500MB anytime £5* £0 £10 £59

Orange Dolphin

Contract length
Monthly data allowance
Monthly cost
Huawei E1752
Option 515m
Mobile WiFi
1 month 1GB anytime Unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi** £15* £15 £25 £75
1 month 1GB anytime £10* £15 £25 £75
12 month
1GB anytime
1GB quiet time
Unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi**
£15* £0 £10 £49
12 month
1GB anytime
1GB quiet time
£10* £0 £10 £59

*Prices quoted are with £5 discount for existing Orange pay as you go, pay monthly and home broadband customers
** BT Openzone usage is subject to a fair use policy

Orange Mobile WiFi
Orange also launched today its first Mobile WiFi device, with the Novatel Wireless 3352, allowing customers to get online with up to five simultaneous WiFi devices – including laptops, music players, games consoles, digital cameras and tablets – over the Orange 3G network. Requiring no USB connections or wires, Orange customers can now create a portable 3G WiFi hotspot for all their WiFi gadgets, at the touch of a button. Smart and simple, Mobile WiFi is available on all Orange mobile broadband plans, starting from a one-off fee of £49 depending on the package taken. The compact and stylish device features an intuitive interface with customisable widgets and on-board applications.

Samsung N150 Netbook
From today, customers can also get the stunning Samsung N150 netbook with Orange mobile broadband. Featuring an embedded SIM, the N150 comes with an unbeatable 11 hours of battery life, 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive for photos, music, files and more. With its exclusive matt black finish, it’s as stylish as it is powerful and will get customers online instantly. The Samsung N150 is available on two 24 month price plans:
For £25* a month plus a £80 upfront fee, customers enjoy 1GB anytime and 1GB quiet time plus 100 texts
For £30* a month plus a £50 upfront fee, customers enjoy 1GB anytime and 1GB quiet time plus 100 text and unlimited WiFi
SIM Only Mobile Tariffs
Finally, Orange is expanding its SIM Only offering with the introduction of three new Canary animal tariffs for mobile customers. This is the first time that Orange is offering 12 month SIM Only contracts, providing greater flexibility and choice for customers.

Designed for people who love to chat, these new plans reward customers with the following inclusive rewards:
30 day £10 SIM Only plan – 100 minutes and unlimited texts
12 month £10 SIM Only plan – 300 minutes and unlimited texts
12 month £15 SIM Only plan – 600 minutes and unlimited texts
Simeon Bird, Director of Propositions at Orange: “At Orange, we’re always looking at ways to meet the ever-changing demands of our new and existing customers. We believe our new mobile broadband and SIM Only offerings do just that by enabling customers to stay connected – whether by calls and text – or by surfing the internet, email or through social networking sites.”

All new tariffs and products will be available through Orange shops, Orange telesales and online from

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