NVIDIA deny GTX 470 axe; hint at incoming GTX 465

May 26, 2010

After speculation earlier this week that NVIDIA had axed their GeForce GTX 470 graphics card, the company has strongly denied that they are deleting the SKU in favor of opening up their mid-range market.  Describing the GTX 470 as "our best price-performance product in the enthusiast line," the NVIDIA statement also hints that a "reasonably priced version of our GF100 [GPU]" is likely next on the cards.

"The GTX 470 is really important for us from a product perspective. It's basically our best price-performance product in the enthusiast line, so we have absolutely no plans of discontinuing that. Actually we are enhancing that part of the product line over the next month or so ... We feel that there's some room below [the GTX 470 and GTX 480] for a reasonably priced version of our GF100 [GPU]" NVIDIA

That GF100-based card is likely to be the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465, which leaked earlier this month and was found in benchmarking to come in underneath the GTX 470 and 480 in terms of stream processors and RAM.  The new card is expected to arrive on June 2nd.

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