Notion Ink Eden UI gets live video demo

Dec 20, 2010
Notion Ink Eden UI gets live video demo

It seems the Notion Ink video demo floodgates have opened, with the start-up following Saturday's Adam walkthrough with new footage showing the Eden UI. Notion Ink's own handiwork, Eden is a system of side-swiped panes each filled with a single app, together with a red cross-bar launcher for easier task-switching.

Video demo after the cut

The panels can be re-ordered by dragging them around, and there are various views on offer. Best of all, even if the panel is on-screen, if you're not actively using it, the app doesn't make demands on your system resources; that means that, even though you can have multiple apps open at once, it won't put too much of a strain on the Adam's Tegra 2 processor.

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