Nokia N900 gets Maemo update: Ovi Suite & extra speed

Oct 25, 2010

Nokia maintains that regular N900 users will be better served sticking with Maemo than trying to persuade them to jump the device to MeeGo, and it seems that the Finns are at least following up on their promises to maintain the open-source OS.  A new software version for the Nokia N900, v.20.2010.36-2, has been released, adding full Ovi Suite support and various bug fixes and speed improvements.

That includes the ability to make on-device music purchases through the N900's browser and Nokia's Ovi Music Store, with the downloads non-DRM encrypted.  You'll either need a PC and the Nokia Suite to install the update manually, or wait until the "new software available" alert - a big yellow exclamation point - appears on the N900 itself.

[via Maemo News]

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