Nintendo 3DS UK Launch Most Successful Ever for the Gaming Company

Apr 1, 2011

Nintendo must be jumping for joy now that the gaming device is well on its way toward populating the hands and hearts of gamers all around the world. Especially in the UK, where this launch is now Nintendo's most successful EVER. The company has sold a ginormous 113,000 3DS handheld consoles in its opening weekend alone, this trumping even the Nintendo Wii which sold 105,000 units in the same amount of time at launch.

The original Nintendo DS sold 87,000 in its opening weekend, and of course the numbers are ultra devastatingly good in the US and the rest of Europe as well. The launch has trumped the original DS sales figures in both areas, Europe as a whole (we're assuming this figure doesn't include the UK) totaling in at 303,000 units on opening weekend. Of course Japan sold their entire allotment out - 400,000 during the February 2011 release month.

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