Nintendo 3DS, 3DSWare and 3DSPlay trademarks filed

May 18, 2010
Nintendo 3DS, 3DSWare and 3DSPlay trademarks filed

Nintendo have been pretty coy in confirming the name of their upcoming 3D gaming handheld - with president Satoru Iwata teasing that "the final product name shall be announced in the not-so-far-away future" - but it seems increasingly likely that they'll stick with Nintendo 3DS.  That's one of a handful of newly filed trademarks from the company, including "3DS", "N3DS" and, interestingly, "3DSPlay" and "3DSWare".

The significance - or indeed purpose - of the latter two is currently unknown.  However, given there is an existing game download service on the DSi called DSiWare it seems likely that 3DSWare will be used for a similar service offering 3D-compatible titles.  As for 3DSPlay, there's speculation that it could be a mobile version of Wii Play, consisting of various mini-games for the handheld.

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