New Palm Device Codenames: Broadway, Windsor, Mantaray, Stingray, and Roadrunner

Nov 8, 2010

New evidence has sprung forth from the secret news fountain of a tiny batch of names named by WebOS Internals as they dug through SFR's webOS 2.0 build for the Palm Pre 2. Each of the words found is more than likely a codename for a new Palm device, as evidenced by the fact that they were found in a string designed to display the message "temporarily not restoring logs for newer devices." The names are thus: Broadway, Windsor, Mantaray, Stingray, and Roadrunner.

Feel free to take a peek back at a post titled webOS torrent tipped as Palm plan 5-6 devices for 2011 for more evidence of a 5-fold wave of releases from the folks at Palm. In that article, note words spoken on contracts linking Palm to Foxconn for four to five devices as well as a link to Compal adding one more device to the stack of contracts.

[Via Engadget]

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