Nemoptic bankrupt before dual-mode BiNem/OLED displays catch on

Oct 12, 2010

Only yesterday we were marvelling at Nemoptic's dual-mode BiNem/OLED display technology; now we find out the company has declared bankruptcy.  Actualitte suggests that Nemoptic had left too little time for new investors to step in, leaving them around three million euros in debt and with no buyer for their bistable epaper displays.

The dual-mode display sandwiched a greyscale BiNem panel - which can maintain its image even when power is removed - and a color OLED panel for photos and video, either toggling between them or keeping both active.  The result could have been ereaders capable of the battery longevity of E Ink screens but able to show video and smooth web browsing like the iPad.

[via The Digital Reader]

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