Mitsubishi reminds us all Super Bowl XLV has no Jumbotron

Feb 4, 2011

Mitsubishi really wants to make sure we get it right when we talk about the gigantic screen hanging from the roof of Dallas Cowboys Stadium this Sunday when the Super Bowl kicks off. In years past many of the stadiums where the biggest game of the year we held used a Jumbotron to show plays and other content during the game.

Cowboys Stadium has something better than a Jumbotron, a massive Diamond Vision display. The Diamond Vision screen is so gargantuan that it set a world record back in 2009 when it debuted in the stadium for the world's largest HD display.

A few key facts about the screen include that the center sideline displays are 160-feet wide, 72-feet high, and have a screen area of 11,393 square feet. The gigantic screen consumes 635 kilowatts of power and weighs 1.2 million pounds. The smaller end zone screens are 1,493 square feet each. The screen is certainly very cool, just don’t call it a Jumbotron.

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