Minoru 3D webcam gets tested [Video]

Jul 17, 2009

We first saw the Minoru 3D webcam back in October 2008, but the first reviews are only just coming in now.  Crave managed to get their hands on the double-camera gadget and shot some test images and video, finding it to be a surprisingly straightforward way of getting a 3D effect.

Video demo after the cut

You'll need red and blue glasses in order to see the 3D, of course, as will anybody you're having a video chat with.  Still, once you've invested in those (or dug an old pair out from the closet) the process is apparently very simple: press one button for an 800 x 600 still, or another for 3D video.

Image quality isn't great, especially as you're viewing it through heavily-tinted glasses, but the Minoru works as a standard webcam too and it's a mere £50 ($81).  Some will say it's a gimmick (and yes, it is), but if you want to try out 3D then it's certainly a cheaper way than Fujifilm's $600 FinePix Real 3D digicam

[via Slashdot]

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