Microsoft Kinect Priced $149.99 at GameStop, Bundled Pricing Included

Jun 14, 2010

One pin after another. Microsoft just announced not only the Kinect, but the new, $300 Xbox 360 Slim, and now we've got word that GameStop's already got the Kinect up for pre-order. And yes, the price is right there, plain as day, for everyone to see: $149.99.

That's just for the Microsoft Kinect. If you're looking for something a bit more bundled, like with an Xbox 360 Elite, or an Arcade Edition, then you'll need to cough up a bit more cash: $399.99 for the Elite bundle, and $299 for the Arcade variation. Looks like Microsoft, and everyone else who could make some money off the new release, is all set for some major pre-ordering celebration. What do you think of the prices? Is $150 for just the peripheral a good price point, or has Microsoft aimed a bit too high?

[via GameStop]

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