LG Zenith DTT900 converter

James Allan Brady - Nov 14, 2007
LG Zenith DTT900 converter

So just about everyone knows that next year they are switching to digital television signals, it’s the reason this whole 700MHz auction is such a big deal. Anyways, when they do, you more or less have 2 choices, buy a new TV or get a box much like this one.

The boxes are set-top boxes that convert the digital signal back to analog. Those of you resistant to change can get a $40 coupon to go towards one such box like these.

No word on price, but I assume they will be available on or before the switchover date. Chances are good someone, if not everyone, will be offering boxes as close to that $40 price as possible.

LG’s Zenith DTT900 Converter Competes with RCA for Grandma’s $40 Coupon [via gizmodo]

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