LG OLED promised “by end of 2009″

Apr 20, 2009
LG OLED promised “by end of 2009″

LG have confirmed their plans to launch OLED displays onto the commercial market by the end of 2009, together with a range of LED-backlit displays and HDTVs that will see the company's range boosted by 35 models.  Consumers will have to dig deeper than usual, however; according to LG the OLED displays may cost more than double a traditional LCD.

In fact, according to Amitabh Tiwari of LG India, the OLED screens might cost 2.1 times as much as a standard LCD.  LED-backlit displays will be a little more affordable, coming it at 1.6 times that of an LCD.

The company is also using a new In-Plane Switching technology which is expected to bring advanced touchscreen functionality to some of the displays, with no visual artifacts from pressure points.  LG demonstrated a 19-inch OLED panel in Korea last October.

[via OLED-Info]

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