Kakai dual-display education tablet to graduate as Kno June 2nd

May 14, 2010

Speculation last month about the dual-display education focused tablet by startup Kakai has been restoked today, with AllThingsD reporting that the company - now rebranded Kno - will be demonstrating the clamshell device at their "D" conference on June 2nd 2010.  The tablet is believed to run Linux and have a Courier-style book form-factor; it's apparently meant to "feel like a mix of a notebook and a textbook."

The hardware will use gestures and touchscreen input, and be supported with a comprehensive website and cloud-based system.  That will be used to remotely backup (and access) notes and multimedia, such as audio recordings of lectures, together with delivering course content such as textbooks and handouts.

Kno has apparently secured almost $10m in funding, helped no doubt by their founder being the same entrepreneur behind textbook rental company Chegg.  Technical specifications for the Kno device are so far unknown.

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