iPad goes free in Japan with Softbank deal

Nov 30, 2010
iPad goes free in Japan with Softbank deal

After UK carriers announced plans to subsidize the iPad last week, it was only a matter of time until rivals were simply giving them away. Japanese carrier Softbank is preparing to offer free iPad WiFi + 3G tablets with two year data contracts as part of an "iPad for Everybody" promotion; the iOS slate is free but the 25-month agreement is 4,725 yen ($56) per month.

Softbank is throwing in 24-months of free WiFi access at its hotspots, and if you'd rather a larger-capacity version of the iPad you can have that too, as long as you don't mind paying extra upfront. It's unlikely to work out cheaper in the long-term, but it's a sign that iPad availability is trickling down to all price points in its drive to undermine PC growth.

[via mocoNews]

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