Intel Xeon L5530 low-voltage plus W5590 3.33GHz CPUs announced

Aug 5, 2009

As expected, Intel have announced their latest Xeon processor, the L5530, a low-power version of their existing 5500-series CPU.  The Xeon L5530 runs at 2.40GHz but has a TDP of 60W compared to the regular 80W versions.  This adds up to reduced energy bills and cooler-running systems, such as blade workstations.

However there are still four cores and 8MB cache.  Meanwhile at the other end of the scale, Intel unveiled a new dual-socket workstation chip, the Xeon W5590 processor running at 3.33GHz, together with two single-socket workstation chips, the W3580 running at 3.33GHz and the W3550 running at 3.06GHz.

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