Intel Core-i9 32nm six-core Gulftown CPU in the wild

Aug 3, 2009

In-the-wild details of Intel's upcoming 32nm Gulftown processor have leaked, courtesy of XtremeSystems forum member JCornell.  The engineering sample is believed to be running at 2.4GHz, with CPU-Z registering six cores, 12 threads and 1.5MB of total L2 cache split into six 256KB portions.

There's also 12MB of L3 cache, while Vista registers 24 threads leading to suggestions that there could in fact be two Gulftown CPUs in JCornell's test rig.  Intel are tipped to have squeezed three dual-core dies onto a single chip package.

The six-core Gulftown processors are expected to be marketed as Core-i9 CPUs, using Intel's latest chip nomenclature.  No word on what sort of pricing we can expect, but there's talk of a Q1 2010 launch.

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[via The Tech Report]

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