iMac eSATA retro-fit by OWC boosts external storage flexibility

Aug 2, 2010

Apple's iMac update last week brought the CPU refresh we were all expecting, but fell short of adding the USB 3.0 or faster FireWire connectivity we'd hoped for.  Hot on the heels of their RAM upgrades, notorious Mac fiddlers OWC are now offering a retro-fit eSATA port for the new iMac for those wanting to use higher-performance drives.

Only available for the 27-inch iMac (not the 21.5-inch version), the eSATA fit basically involves OWC carving out a slot in the lower edge of your new all-in-one and screwing in a port.  It's worth noting that it's not compatible with Port-Multiplication (PM) eSATA drives, however.

Still, if you can live with the compromises the OWC eSATA upgrade is $169 assuming you're willing to foot the bill to ship your iMac to them (or alternatively drop it off yourself).  Shipping is $30+ depending on speed, and OWC will also happily boost your hard-drive capacity or RAM while it's with them - for a price, of course.

[via CrunchGear]

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