HTC Scribe tablet trademark tips slate intentions

Dec 30, 2010
HTC Scribe tablet trademark tips slate intentions

HTC's tablet intentions have been well raked over in the past few months, and now a potential name for the upcoming slate has been unearthed courtesy of a new trademark filing. The "HTC Scribe" is described as a "handheld wireless device, namely, a tablet computer" in HTC's submission, while the name itself would seem to suggest some form of stylus.

That could either be a capacitive stylus, as we've seen HTC offer for the HD2 smartphone, or - more interestingly - it could involve a dual-mode touchscreen that would have an active digitizer from a company such as Wacom. Such a display would mean far higher accuracy for writing and drawing, together with palm-rejection so that leaning a hand on the display while using the stylus wouldn't accidentally trigger it in the process.

As for the rest of the hardware, a 10-inch 1280 x 720 display is expected, while NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor and 2GB of memory is tipped. That'll be paired with a 32GB microSD card. OS is Android 2.4 Honeycomb, which is expected to arrive sometime before the end of Q1 2011.

[via Pocketnow]

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