GSM Cell Phone Zone Alarm Based On Motion

Aug 29, 2007
GSM Cell Phone Zone Alarm Based On Motion

So if you are paranoid you might want to hop on over to Hack-A-Day to see the GSM based motion sensor alarm they’ve recently posted. Essentially what happens is when the alarm is tripped, during a certain time period, it calls someone.

Now who that someone is would be up to you, but I would recommend the police. At the very least you yourself should be on the call list.

It uses a GSM phone (probably a recycled one or one of the prepaid disposable ones), a motion sensor, and a basicx24 controller board. It is a bit big, but that probably wouldn’t be too daunting after its been hidden. You could probably shed some weight and size by removing a lot of the extraneous stuff from the motion sensor. It’s a pretty great idea though and would certainly be nifty for several applications.

Gsm alarm [via hackaday]

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