Google fighting to move UK court battle to California

Dec 16, 2013

Google is embroiled in a legal row in the UK that the search giant insists shouldn't be heard in front of UK courts. Rather, Google is arguing that the case over the search giant allegedly circumventing the privacy of some internet users in the UK should be heard in California where it is based. Google's argument has led to the company being called "arrogant and immoral."

Google plans to tell the high court in the UK this week that claims that it tracked the web surfing habits of millions of web users in the UK should be thrown out. Google allegedly monitored the web surfing behavior of iPhone, iPad, and desktop users of the Safari browser by circumventing security settings.

UK web users who are participating in the suit believe that since Google has a UK specific site and staff within the country, it should answer to UK courts. One person involved in the legal proceedings says that Google seeking to force UK citizens to travel to the US to sue it over the alleged wrongdoings makes the firm arrogant, immoral and a disgrace.

Google plans to tell the high court that the case does not meet the standard that is required to be heard in the London high court. Google attorneys are expected to tell the UK court that a similar claim was defeated in the US recently. Google says that a very similar case was dismissed in its entirety in the US two months ago. Google was fined over $22 million for Safari web tracking in the US.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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