Google Chrome notebooks confirmed for release by the end of the year as a subscription

Apr 22, 2011

You might recall back in December 2010 we got to spend some time with the Google CR-48 notebook computer that runs the Chrome OS. We weren’t overly enamored with the notebook when we got hands on the thing and noted at the time that the hardware of the notebook wasn’t the story, but the Chrome OS. The machine catered to basic computing needs making it appropriate for only the most basic of users. Still the OS had us curious and we would like to see more.

Apparently, Google is set to toss notebooks running Chrome onto the market this summer. The tip comes by way of Google product manager Sundar Pichair. Pichair said that Google was currently working on fixing some bugs in the OS and that the product were expected in the summer of 2011. Neowin reports that it has works from a reliable source that the Chrome notebook will land by late June or early July. That certainly fits with the summer 2011 time frame offered by Pichai.

The weird part about all this is that when the Chrome OS notebooks land you won't be able to just fork over a few hundred dollars and walk out with your notebook under your arm. The machines will apparently be sold by subscription along with Gmail to subscribers. The notebook would be made available at $10 to $20 per month per user according to reports. That may find some buyers that are the sort that have a very tight budget and need as low of a cash outlay upfront as possible. I don’t see the masses or hardcore geeks being too thrilled with a subscription notebook.


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