Emergency Flashlight Concept Brings Two Flashlights Together with Fluorescent Rope

Oct 12, 2010

The flashlight's design hasn't changed a lot over the years. But in a chaotic situation, where the lights have just gone out and there's a lot of people running around, usually in a wide range of ages, it could be potentially very hard to lead anyone to safety with just one flashlight. The Emergency Flashlight concept looks to change that, providing two flashlights, along with a glowing fluorescent rope, to help make sure that everyone gets out safely.

Designed by Kyubaek Kim and Minhee Jung, the Emergency Flashlight works by providing a single tube that can be separated at its center. Once that happens, users will be able to utilize the two single tubes as independent, and fully functioning flashlights. Between them, you'll find a bright green fluorescent rope. The idea behind the concept, is that two adults would grab hold of the flashlights, which would keep the rope between them. And then, those who may need more assistance and guidance to find an exit would grab onto the rope, and be guided to an appropriate way out.

There's no word on whether or not anyone is looking at picking up the Emergency Flashlight concept and making it a real deal, but the idea is certainly a good one. And, working together with the LED Escape Light, it could be a very good way to make sure that people escape even the darkest locations.

[via Yanko Design]

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