Dyson Air Multiplier AM02 and AM03 bladeless fans debut

Jun 22, 2010
Dyson Air Multiplier AM02 and AM03 bladeless fans debut

Dyson has launched two new fans, using the same unusual blade-hidden design of the original Dyson Air Multiplier debuted back in October 2009.  The  AM01 desktop model is joined by the Dyson AM02 Tower Fan, a floor-standing unit with full-length air pushing abilities, and the Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan, which basically takes the head unit from the AM01 and puts it on a free-standing mount.

As before, the AM02 and AM03 take the blades of regular fans and house them in the bottom part of the Dyson system.  The fast-moving air is then ducted up and through the hooped "head" section; because there are no blades to chop at the air, the fans are quieter despite being stronger than traditional models.  Both new models come with a remote control for easier use.

Both the AM02 and the AM03 are priced at £299.99 ($443), £100 more than the original AM01.  The AM03 is only available in white/silver, while the AM02 will come in silver or blue.  No word on when exactly they'll go on sale, but you can register for more details.

[via Tech Radar]

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