Dell Studio One 19 multitouch all-in-one gets US & Euro launch

Apr 28, 2009

Dell's all-in-one multitouch desktop, the Dell Studio One 19, is now officially available in the US and Europe.  Launched in Japan back in March, the Studio One 19 is based on Intel's Pentium, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processor ranges, with standard NVIDIA GeForce 9200 graphics and optional GeForce 9400.

Multitouch is not standard on the Studio One 19, but it's an option that Dell obviously expect most users to pay out for.  The company has developed a number of finger-friendly apps, including multitouch photo editing, slideshows, notes, web browsing and an application launcher.  The all-in-one also includes one-touch video recording and YouTube uploading, using TouchCam.

The Dell Studio One 19 starts from $699, with a Pentium E5200 2.5GHz processor, rising to $799 for the multitouch version and all the way to $994 for the standard-configuration Core 2 Quad.  Storage ranges from 320GB upward, and the all-in-one has a minimum of 2GB of RAM.

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