Dell Streak meets Logitech DiNovo Mini keyboard in perfect peripheral pairing

Jul 26, 2010

If ever there was a pairing just crying out for a loving mod, this is it.  StreakSmart - who, as the name suggests, are singularly obsessed with the Dell Streak - discovered that the Android MID plays perfectly with Logitech's DiNovo Mini Wireless Keyboard, including full functionality of the touchpad and several of the specialized buttons.

Video demo after the cut

In fact the only real problem is that the DiNovo Mini's curvy cover isn't really suited to holding the slabbish Streak in place; in the video below, the MID is held in place with tape.  You also can't close up the keyboard with the Streak inside, the weight of the MID causes it to topple backward, and some of the buttons can be a bit finicky - the volume controls are reversed, for instance.  Still, this seems a great place to start to create that Lenovo LePhone-style QWERTY cradle the Streak is crying out for.

[via Pocketables]

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