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PS3 $100 price cut imminent?

Despite how much we like the Sony’s PS3 gaming console with the additional Blu-ray player and world’s class built quality; it remains fact that the hardware’s sale is falling behind compares to much-cheaper gaming counterparts from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. With the economy's downturn, experts are predicting price cut is the only option that would probably turn the tide around, but how much is enough for a jumpstart?

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Flexible e-paper mass production imminent; color version soon after?

We could soon be seeing broad commercial availability of both flexible e-paper and color e-paper displays, if rumors regarding manufacturer Prime View International (PVI) pan out.  Industry sources are suggesting that PVI are preparing to mass produce flexible electrophoretic displays (EPDs), which use a TFT backplane with an electrophoretic frontplane based on E Ink technology, and will follow that up with color displays using the same processes.

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Sony demo hybrid fuel-cell concepts

Sony has been demonstrating a number of fuel-cell concepts, ranging from portable power units to rechargers and even home speaker systems that have their own methanol power-source.  Of most interest are the two devices seen here, which may look like retro radios but in fact combine a rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a methanol fuel-cell.

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Hackintosh Jr. casemod

This casemod probably won't be mistaken for official Apple hardware, but then it cost a whole lot less than it would to boil a Mac Pro tower down to 5.5-inches high.  The handiwork of modder Widefault, it's a compact low-power Hackintosh running OS X on salvaged components.

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Buffalo SHD-NSUM SSD with SATA-II and USB 2.0

Buffalo have announced their latest SSD range, the SHD-NSUM, and while we're used to seeing solid-state drives nowadays, these new models do have at least one feature to differentiate them.  As well as giving the 2.5-inch drives the usual SATA-II interface, there's also a micro-USB 2.0 port that lets you access data before you install the SSD.

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