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Lenovo netbook planned for September release

Lenovo are the next big computing manufacturer to plan a budget netbook, according to a report from DigiTimes.  Quoting Ken Wong, general manager of Lenovo Taiwan, the device being considered would be aimed at both consumer and enterprise markets, differentiating themselves from the existing netbooks on offer which generally target entry-level education or budget individual consumers.

Apple warn of MacBook & iPod shortages; non-Centrino 2 hardware speculated

Apple has "strongly suggested" that retailers place bulk orders for certain product lines - four weeks' worth of iPods and three weeks' worth of 13-inch MacBooks and 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros - warning that supplies could be short over the coming month.  The move has further stoked the rumors that the company will announce replacement models in the next financial quarter.

Intel Classmate PC to get imminent major overhaul

Intel's Classmate PC, a low-cost laptop intended for educational use and already on sale in 35 different countries, will undergo an imminent hardware, design and software overhaul, claim the company, with an official announcement in "a month or so".  In the meantime, the existing Classmate 2 model has been updated with Intel's Atom processor.

Matsushita promise 40-inch OLED HDTVs on-sale by 2011

Matsushita has stuck its large-size display neck on the line and announced it intends to be selling 40-inch OLED HDTVs by 2011.  As a result it has spent an estimated $930m on an OLED panel mass production plant based in Himeji, Japan; that should begin producing panels in 2010, based on the findings from a different, prototype production line ramping up early next year that will produce 20-inch and larger OLEDs.

Nintendo financial report out: $3.92bn in sales

Nintendo have announced their financial performance figures for Q1 2008 [pdf link] and year-on-year sales are looking healthy: at 423,380 million Yen ($3.92bn) they've seen an increase of almost 83,000 million Yen ($768m) in net sales over the same quarter in 2007.  Net assets are down slightly from the last quarter but net sales are up to 107,267 million Yen ($993m).  The company also announced sales figures for their product lines, both quarterly and lifetime, which makes for interesting reading.

Vuzix iWear VR920 3D virtual reality gaming headset gets update

Vuzix's iWear VR920 has been around since the tail-end of last year, promising virtual reality for multiple games. Of course, software tends to move faster than hardware does, and while the iWear's compatibility list was pretty comprehensive back then, mid-way through 2008 and it's not looking so hot. Perhaps I'm a cynic but I'd half expect a manufacturer to selectively ignore their old product and instead concentrate on a fanfare for a new one; happily Vuzix have been in touch to point out they've added eleven new titles to the VR920's list.

Willcom D4: battery life terrible but Vista performs well

Having been unboxed on video, the Willcom D4 UMPC has now travelled over to Jenn at Pocketables for some darned good testing.  While the system is still something of a miniturization marvel, the first reports aren't exactly glowing.  Top of the list (or should that be bottom?) is battery life; Willcom themselves only promise 1.5hrs and that measly figure looks sadly accurate.  Worse still, Jenn found that leaving the D4 in Vista's sleep mode for 7hrs drained it to just 19-percent: around 15 minutes of actual use.

MSI Wind suffers price hike as costs climb

Disappointing rumblings from MSI, as the price of their Wind netbook climbs uncomfortably.  Facing what the company describes as an increase in both battery and material costs, the MSRP has now been pushed up to $499.99 with the 3-cell battery and $549.99 with the 6-cell battery.  Previously the company had pledged to reduce the 3-cell version to $479.99 while the 6-cell, expected in September, would carry the original $499.99 tag.  However that doesn't mean that retailers are taking the MSRP at face value.

Sanyo Xacti HD800 720p camcorder

Sanyo have taken the wraps off of a new Xacti camcorder, the HD800, and according to Akihabara News the spec sheet might not tell the whole story.  They're most impressed by "the HUGE step forward in video quality" compared to the HD700, together with the improved noise reduction.  Still recording in up to 720p high-definition, the HD800 can also grab 8-megapixel stills.

BlizzCon tickets up for sale Aug 11

Finally, the official date has been announced as to when tickets for BlizzCon will go up for sale. The lucky ones that will be making their way there can pick them up as of August 11th.

Just in case you've somehow forgotten, it will be October 10th and 11th at the Anaheim Convention Center which is located in Anaheim, CA. The tickets will be sold for $100 a piece, but there is hope for those that can't make it to the convention.

Full-sized NES used as belt buckle

There are gamers and then there are gamers that take their gaming to a whole different level. One gamer decided to take his full size NES and turn it into a belt buckle.

Circuit-bent Pikachu Instrument is terrifying

I have always had just a bit of animosity towards Pikachu, he's just way too perky. Anything that is that excited all of the time needs squished immediately, preferably under an ACME sized mallet. Not turned into a MIDI-controlled circuit-bent musical instrument.

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