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MobileMe – Why It Makes Me Angry and Hopeful

MobileMe – Why It Makes Me Angry and Hopeful

Apple's MobileMe is an innovative synchronization service that allows you to keep your bookmarks, emails, calendar, contacts and photos all up to date on all of your devices including your laptop, desktop and iPhone. This is a fantastic idea because I have wasted more hours than I can count getting all of my devices to sync up and "talk" to each other. I e-mail myself things instead of plugging in my phone to my laptop, because it takes too long. You get the picture.

So with MobileMe, I was pretty excited. It offered a convenient way to connect all of my junk (as I call it) and since I already had a .mac account, this was a no brainer. Of course when .mac switched to Mobile Me, all the images on my website disappeared, but that's an entirely different story...

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JVC HP-SX505 Neodymium headphones announced

JVC have updated their Neodymium in-ear canal headphone range with the HP-SX505, keeping the same folding design as the earlier HA-SX500 but, according to a company rep, tweaking the specifications.  The new set support a frequency range of 8Hz - 22,000Hz and have a pressure sound sensitivity of 104dB/mW from the 16mm Neodymium driver units.

Microsoft Spherical Surface to be shown at DemoFest 2008

Microsoft will be demonstrating a spherical version of their multitouch-capable Surface system at the company's Research Faculty Summit 2008 DemoFest, according to their own booth map.  The phrasing suggests that Surface, which is currently a flat table that can respond to multiple points of contact (see our two hands-on demos here and here), has developed into a round display that would be more usable by a larger number of people.

Intel Pentium M based EP80579 System-on-Chip announced

Intel have announced a new product line, based on the Pentium M, intended for consumer electronics, mobile internet devices and embedded systems.  The EP80579 Integrated Processor SoC (System on Chip) will ship in eight different variations, differentiated by CPU speed (ranging from 800 to 1,200MHz) and DDR2 memory controller speed (ranging from 400 to 800MHz); all will have 256kb of L2 cache and a "variety of integrated communications and embedded I/O controllers".

ASUS Trinity triple-GPU video card benchmarked

When they're not pumping out minute variations in Eee designs, ASUS have been taking the time to throw together some interesting prototypes.  Today's example, the ASUS Trinity, is a proof-of-concept video card that comprises three GPUs; basically, it's three notebook versions of the ATI Radeon HD 3850 fitted into a specially crafted CrossFireX 'board.

Toshiba reveal netbook plans with 5.6-inch touchscreen prototype

Toshiba have decided to step into the budget netbook arena with a device of their own, although the company is at pains to point out that their device may not be a direct competitor to the ASUS Eee.  Their prototype - which appears to have been squeezed into a casing we first saw back at CES 2008 - uses a 5.6-inch touchscreen interface and an on-screen keyboard, and runs an Intel Atom processor and Windows Vista.

HP iPAQ 910 WM6.1 smartphone reviewed by PHONE Mag

Over at PHONE Magazine the full review of HP's iPAQ 910 Business Messenger smartphone is up, and it's turned out to be a pretty impressive handset.  Running Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro with a QVGA touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard and the best stylus we've seen for years, the iPAQ 910 could honestly be considered a return to form for the company.

Gadget Envy – Why Early Adopters Are Especially Subject

Gadget Envy – Why Early Adopters Are Especially Subject

You see them several times a year. They stand in lines for hours. They shell out hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars at a time. And what do they walk away with? The latest piece of technology, of course. But they also walk away with envious stares boring into their backs. "They" are the early adopters. And if you're reading this, you're probably one of them, too. (Initiates secret club handshake).

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Concept : PSP gets combined with the Sidekick

Someone else decided to take a crack at changing up the PSP a bit. This one was designed by Samuel Lau and although it will likely never be a reality, it is still fun to look at.

The USB Mini Penguin Speaker

If you're on the lookout for random novelty speakers, here's another little guy for you. He'd be a lot cooler if he had no scarf and looked a bit more like the Linux penguin though.

Xtensor rehabilitates your hand

With the direction technology has gone we all use our hands a lot, be it for texting or typing. We may not use them for manual labor but we manage to injure ourselves anyway. Well Xtensor is here to help with those hand related injuries.

It will actually strengthen and rehabilitate your hand after you've been cracking away at that PSP for several hours. Making it so your hand encounters less stress from those injuries.

Gigabyte M912 touchscreen netbook unboxed on video

Having found out on Monday that Gigabyte's diminutive M912 convertible touchscreen tablet would start from just $556, interest in the Atom-powered ultraportable has steadily increased.  UMPC Portal's Chippy has one of the first demo models, and he's put together his unboxing and first impressions video (which you can see after the cut).