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The Connect-A-Desk Laptop Holder is a whole new level of geeky

Feel the need to take your computer with you no matter where you go? I know, for most people that just means carrying a laptop case around, but some need to take it a bit more over the top than that.

Lapwork’s desk lets you game away from your desk

I have a tendency to enjoy my daily blogging at very random locations throughout the house. It just depends on my mood. Typically I enjoy my desk, due to my monitor setup and my very comfortable desk chair. However, the couch occasionally wins me over and I end up in the living room with my laptop lying on my lap.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith tracks revealed

While I've been a little worried about having a Guitar Hero expansion that focuses on a single band, I am looking forward to the Aerosmith game. I love me some classic rock, and there are plenty of good tracks to choose from. Speaking of tracks, we finally have access to the entire set list for the game. Hit the jump and check it out.

Twilight Princess hack is officially back in action

The latest firmware for the Wii made more than a few people upset with its ability to render both the Twilight Princess hack and Freeloader useless. We told you that the team at Hackmii was already preparing to release a workaround to one of those hacks. It's not even been a week and they've already managed to release this “fix”.

Crysis Warhead to play well even on budget PCs

When Crysis was released, it raised the bar for gaming graphics on a PC. Of course this also made it the tool which gamers used to measure their PC's performance. I'd venture to guess that most gamers still can't play the game on anything better than medium, which means that many people are wondering how Crysis Warhead will play.

Guitar Hero IV will be the same on the Wii as 360 and PS3

It's no big secret that the Nintendo Wii isn't quite the powerhouse that the PS3 or even Xbox 360 is. For this reason we tend to see games with less content present on the Wii. Such has been the case with Guitar Hero III and even Rock Band. So we should expect nothing less from Guitar Hero World Tour, right?

Snow Leopard and Safari 4 screenshots surface

Snow Leopard and Safari 4 screenshots surface

Snow Leopard and Safari 4 screenshot has shown up on a German site As you might recall, some developers who signed NDA at WWDC 08 get to peek into the new upcoming OS.

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SlashGear Review – Wolfking Warrior XXtreme gaming keyboard

Gamers are used, by now, to manufacturers telling them they need a specific keyboard in order to unlock their maximum play potential.  Sometimes that means colored keys, other times it's easy to program macros, and occasionally - as in the case of the Wolfking Warrior XXtreme we're looking at today - it's a whole new layout.  Like other ergonomic 'boards, the Warrior XXtreme promises its alternative key arrangement helps your fingers work faster; more specifically, though, it's aimed at keen FPS, RPG and RTS gamers.

CherryPal ‘cloud computer’ promises cheap online utopia

Startup and cloud computing aficionados CherryPal have unveiled their first compact PC.  Powered by a 400MHz Freescale mobileGT MPC5121e processor, the 10.5oz computer has a scant 256MB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory and WiFi b/g.  So far, so meagre, but the CherryPal's saving grace is the online software and storage suite the company is promising.

Cannon PC demo six CableCARD recording on Media Center PC

Bad news if you're the sort of person who starts feeling guilty at having recorded dozens of shows but not actually watched any of them: Cannon PC have just released a demo video of their latest Windows Media Center mod, simultaneously recording six high-definition programs via six separate CableCARDs.  If you're not familiar with Media Center, you might not see why that's special; not only does the OS only natively support two CableCARDs, but usually gobbling up all that HD footage would quickly gobble up all your CPU cycles.

Check out the demo video after the cut

Luminus PhlatLight LEDs set to replace projector bulbs

It's been a year and a half since we first saw a TV using Luminus Devices' PhlatLight LED back-lighting system, and it's taken that long for the technology to reach brightness levels sufficient for a big-screen picture.  Now, courtesy of some collaboration with Texas Instruments, PhlatLight technology is set for inclusion in a number of high-definition projectors to be released before the end of the year.

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ASUS ARES CG6155 gaming PC: armor inspired, 4GHz Core2 Extreme powered

It's not all mini PCs and budget notebooks from ASUS - though you'd be excused for thinking it.  The company has just announced a new gaming PC, the ARES CG6155, and while it may not have a killer-name it does have all the usual hyperbole manufacturers seem to lapse into when launching these sort of systems.  For instance, ASUS are keen to point out that the ARES' case design was inspired by battle armor:

"The unique exterior design is inspired by ancient and modern armor with both Eastern and Western influences, and presents an aesthetic appeal that exudes pure power!" ASUS press release