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Europe is now #2 in gaming sales, US falls to 3rd place

This is a sad day for gamers in the US. No, Europe isn't getting a major title before we do (that would just be absurd!), but rather we have lost the number two spot in worldwide gaming sales.

Nyko releases charging station for 360 controllers

If you're a hardcore console gamer, then you no doubt have a slew of rechargeable batteries at your disposal. There's nothing worse than dying in the middle of an intense battle. Sure when your 360 controller dies, it stops your game, but if you have to run off and find batteries, you tend to forget exactly what you were doing. Here's a cool charging station that will ensure your controllers are all charged up.

WowWee Tri-Bot reviewed: low cost, tilt-sensor fun

When WowWee's Tri-Bot launches this Summer, it'll be one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on the nifty three-wheel omni-directional base from the company. With an expected price of $99, the robot may lack the (creepy) animated face of Mr Personality but it does have a tilt-sensor remote control that, in a manner similar to the Wiimote, can guide the robot around just by gesturing. Robotics-obsessive Robert Oschler has scored some pre-release time with the Tri-Bot, and you can check out his video review after the cut.

SanDisk Extreme III PRO-HG Duo: 30MB/s data for DSLRs

If SanDisk continues their current naming pattern, they might soon run out of space to print on their memory cards; the company has just announced its fastest ever Memory Stick, the SanDisk Extreme III Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo. Available in 4GB and 8GB capacities, the card's claim to fame are its 30MB/s read & write speeds. That makes the Extreme III particularly suited to high-resolution DSLR cameras and HD camcorders.

Sapphire Energy claim renewable gas from algae

I'm no scientist, and I'm skeptical, but if Sapphire Energy's claim to have produced "renewable gasoline" pans out to be all its said to be - as well as being production-feasible - then this could be a partial answer to the ongoing energy crisis.  Using a system called Green Crude Production, Sapphire basically take sunlight, carbon dioxide and photosynthetic microorganisms (e.g. algae) and produce synthetic 91 octane.  Apparently the end product is chemically identical to normal gasoline.

Acer Aspire One budget ultraportable joins the fray

Feel free to groan and say "not another one"; photos purporting to be Acer's challenge to the Eee/Wind/2133/etc range of budget ultraportables have shown up, together with some basic spec details.  Believed to be called the Aspire One, the notebook has an 8.9-inch, 1024 X 768 display.  It also, apparently, runs Windows XP SP3 and is estimated to come in at €299. 

iRiver LPlayer with clever speaker-stand

After not being particularly impressed with the storage offered by iRiver's P10 PMP the other day, criticising it not so much for using a traditional hard-drive but for picking such a small one, the iRiver LPlayer seems a little more interesting.  Now on sale in Korea, the LPlayer is, on its own, quite a standard PMP for the company; it has the clever d-click UI, in which the whole face of the device doubles as the directional controls, a choice of (again not huge) 2GB, 4GB and 8GB sizes and has a compact 2-inch display.  What makes it clever is the transparent speaker-dock, shown here, into which the LPlayer slots and which works as both a speaker and a stand.

MSI Wind hands-on suggests first proper Eee-beater

Crave UK has been spending some hands-on time with one of the key upcoming rivals to ASUS' Eee PC, the MSI Wind, and come away singing its praises.  They've also highlighted some neat hardware features, such as an overclock button that, when on mains power, automatically ratchets the CPU up by 20-percent.  On battery, the same button puts the Wind into an economy mode.  Further kind words are saved for the screen, which in its first iteration will be 10-inches and lacks any sort of distracting reflective coating. 

Stanford finds scientific reasons why more men play video games than women

Stanford decided to do a study to try to delve into the reason more men get addicted to video games than women and have come up with what they think is a suitable reason. It turns out that the part of the brain the generates those warm mushy rewarding feelings is more activated in men than it is for women while playing video games.

The MacCase gets re-released to fit the new MacBooks

If you miss the classic Mac look, now you can snag a laptop case that looks like the case that was sold to house the iBook. It is actually coming from the same company that had released them before.

Swinx game system keeps your kids occupied

Well hell has officially frozen over. Someone has created a game that pulls the kids away from the TV and video games. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are. I mean the nerve, telling them to play games.

ASUS confirm 5 Express Gate laptops

Mere weeks after ASUS confirmed it would be loading the quick-launch Express Gate Linux OS onto all of its upcoming motherboards, the software developers behind the distro, DeviceVM, have announced that several ASUS notebooks will also include it.  The M70T, M50V and M51Vr multimedia series and the F8Va/Vr series will be the first five models in ASUS notebook range to feature Express Gate.  With it, users can be online in seconds, watch videos, listen to music, chat over IM and VoIP apps and share photos.

Check out the ASUS Express Gate demo video after the cut

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